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I help OVERWHELMED dog owners (like you!) train their dogs to be well behaved family companions!

Looking for some help training your new puppy or adult dog?
I am here to help you train your best friend

Need help fixing an unwanted behavior such as jumping, aggression, running away?
I can help come up with a custom training plan for you and your dog to accomplish the goals you have in mind. 

Training is a great bonding experience for you and your dog, and should always be fun! 

I can help you achieve the relationship you wish for with your dog.

I love all sizes and breeds of dogs!

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Before Marble ended up in a shelter, she was kept in a pen in a secluded backyard, so she was very unsocialized.  When we adopted her, we knew she would need extra love and attention, but we weren't prepared for how terrified she was of her new surroundings.  She was afraid of walking on the hardwood floors and wouldn't go up the carpeted stairs to the second floor.  Going for walks was a challenge as well.  She got spooked by cars, garage doors, kids, you name it.  She was even so frightened of my husband that she would pee whenever he came near her.
We started training sessions with Maris soon after we got Marble.  Maris was full of helpful advice to help Marble get over her fears and help her feel more secure and confident in her new home.  As a result, Marble got over her issues and is now a whole new dog.  She is sweet, loving, and goofy and loves going for walks.  She also gallops up the stairs each night for her bedtime treat!  We couldn't have done it without Maris.

Vicki Ward & Brian Peterson

Maris has been instrumental in helping us develop our big, blue Great Dane into the amazing dog she is today. Let's face it - it's more about what she has taught us as dog owners that really makes all the difference. It has been such a huge help to be able to contact her at a moment's notice for advice, tips, and training sessions. Remi ADORES Maris and lights up whenever she sees her.

We contacted Maris and met with her before we even got Remi. We wanted to start with a good foundation of what to expect before we brought our new puppy home. She gave us great advice on what to expect, how to get started, what "hazards" may need to be removed, etc. We continued on for many months after Remi came home and there were several times that we couldn't wait for our next session to find out about the new behaviors Remi was exhibiting and how to address them. It just makes you feel like you're not all alone and you CAN do it! Remi is 18 months old now and an exceptional dog and it's in big part to the training she's had with Maris. THANK YOU!

James & Tracy Lucero

After the unexpected loss of my toy poodle, Leo, I decided to get another one just like him. Well, the new pup, Nico, looked just like Leo but had a much different personality. Nico was not only a puppy and had all of the normal puppy behaviors….he was a hard headed, hyperactive, attention deficit CRAZY puppy. I wanted to love and bond with him but he was so out of control I didn’t know how to do it. That’s where “For the Dogs Training” came in.

Due to my work schedule, Maris came to us for the training sessions, talk about convenience! Initially, when I met Maris I thought “hmmm, she seems a bit young to be able to help with my dog problem”. Wow, was I ever wrong. From the first command, Maris had Nico calmly sitting, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Maris not only taught Nico how to listen to commands, she also taught me to be a good dog momma. Nico and I thoroughly enjoyed every session. It was bittersweet when our training was complete…Nico and I had the knowledge that we needed, but we weren’t going to be blessed with Maris’ presence anymore. I highly recommend Maris to anyone in need of a dedicated, smart, strong, determined and personable dog trainer. She is the best! Very satisfied client and happy, well behaved puppy, Nico & Tammy Graham

Tammy Graham

yup; the the kind of radical we love associating with, you are a wonderful dog trainer, your love of animals, and common sense of direction, are and should be accepted by ALL! we thank you. love and peace.

The Stanfield pack

We can't even begin to thank Maris for all she has done for us. Fozzie Bear has become part of our family. He is now happier and we are happy to have the BEST dog ever. A month ago we were at our wits end, and we knew we couldn't continue on the same path with him. I was lucky enough to find Maris and she came and taught us all the essential tools. We always thought - Oh Fozzie is such a bad dog.... well that was not the case at all... we were the ones that needed training!! It is truly about changing how you communicate with your dog. Well I could go on and on.... Thank you Maris, and if you (tired and overwhelmed dog owner) are wondering if Maris can help your dog - I fully believe she can! Good luck!

The Thompsons

Hey Maris! Just wanted to let you know that since your visit yesterday Sukie has already made some HUGE improvements. She is no longer terrified of the metal slip collar noise! She is wearing it around the house now and has no problem getting it on or off. (She even sticks her face in it on her own!) Also after you left yesterday, I decided to take advantage of her mental exhaustion and worked on nail clipping. With a TON of positive reinforcement and some awesome advice from you she let me clip her nails no problem. She was actually falling asleep while I was clipping! Mike and I have had some great opportunities to work on her barking at noises and door knocking and we will continue to be consistent with this. Although we have only completed two sessions we are ecstatic at the progress you've allowed us to make. We look forward to learning new ways to be pack leaders! Thank you so much for all your help so far-we are beyond encouraged and certain we made the perfect choice in choosing a trainer!

Courtney & Mike
Melinda T.

Maris has been a huge help with my personal dogs and the dogs that I've helped re-home. One such dog had a very hard time learning as she was not very well socialized when young. We came up with a game plan for her. Now Ms. Wiggles is doing just wonderful. After all the work that was put into her, Wiggles now has a permanent home with me.

Melinda T.

Maris has helped us tremendously with our new Lab puppy, Lily. I have learned so much from Maris. Things I would never have thought of. We have been through 6 weeks of training, plus Maris came to our house before training started and spent time with us and Lily. I am a NEW puppy owner, always had kitty's. So Lily was a new challenge !!! Couldn't have done this without Maris for sure !!

Joanie H.

We had an thorough evaluation with Maris and found her to be knowledgeable and helpful. She spent over an hour reviewing the situation, took note, and did a short video of Bob. We have our first week's assingment and will see her again. So far, so good.

Linda Y.