ypsy and Shadow struggled with some minor aggression issues with strangers coming on their property and dogs passing by. They also barked excessively at passing vehicles. Gypsy got himself into some trouble when he acted aggressively towards a child who bothered him while he was defending his property. After "doggy jail" being quarantined for the bite, his mommy & daddy had quite the change waiting for him back home. The Stanfield's got some pack leader training and learned how to better control their dogs and prevent the negative behaviors their dogs were exhibiting. He took beautifully to proper leadership! Gypsy and Shadow are now balanced and well behaved pack members! A very happy ending for this loving family!

Yup; the the kind of radical we love associating with, you are a wonderful dog trainer, your love of animals, and common sense of direction, are and should be accepted by ALL! we thank you. love and peace.
​-The Stanfield Pack