ob, the Scottish Terrier I worked with for 6 weeks with. He has bitten people for petting him too soon, has been very sensitive and withdrawn from people and used aggression and dominance to get people to leave him alone. Using positive reinforcement, setting him up to succeed, socializing and desensitizing him, Bob has come a VERY VERY long way in a short time! He is now able to go to work with his owner at a shop, he sits on the couch with guests and gets affection from strangers. His owners feel comfortable handling him on walks, he is no longer reactive to other dogs, lawn mowers, weed wackers, and he is under their control. He used to mark quite a few things in their home in dominance and that has also stopped. He has become very respectful and I am very proud of his owners. Congratulations Bob! You've graduated the rehabilitation program and are a happy and compliant pack member now who genuinely enjoys something he used to feel tense and unsure about!