ozzie was the typical case of over excited puppy and overwhelmed owners. He would demand to be let out in the middle of the night and couldn't let his owners out of sight due to separation anxiety. He took over the kitchen and stole his best friend Parker, their 2 year sons food! After his owners went through Basic Obedience lessons, they now know how to communicate with Fozzie, and have better control over his actions. Fozzie now gets to sleep in bed with them because he is such a good boy, he stays out of the kitchen while his owners eat, and walks like an ANGEL on his leash! I am so proud of all of them!

We can't even begin to thank Maris for all she has done for us. Fozzie Bear has become part of our family. He is now happier and we are happy to have the BEST dog ever. A month ago we were at our wits end, and we knew we couldn't continue on the same path with him. I was lucky enough to find Maris and she came and taught us all the essential tools. We always thought - Oh Fozzie is such a bad dog.... well that was not the case at all... we were the ones that needed training!! It is truly about changing how you communicate with your dog. Well I could go on and on.... Thank you Maris, and if you (tired and overwhelmed dog owner) are wondering if Maris can help your dog - I fully believe she can! Good luck! -The Thompsons