addie a Chow chow and German Shepherd mix was around 6-7 years old when I worked on her behavior. She would lunge and get extremely aggressive on walks at the sight of a person, dog, or wild animal. Out of frustration for being unable to reach them, she would redirect her aggression onto her own owner, leaving pinches, welts, and bite marks all over her legs and arms. Maddie would bite at guests coming into the home, would appear fine if they were sitting, but would get very upset when they stood and moved around her home. 
Utilizing my pack, I had Maddie stay with me in my balanced pack to learn how to become a dog again. The stability, the consistency, the structure all drastically helped Maddie to overcome her shortcomings. I taught her owner how to be a better pack leader and how to react to specific scenarios she struggled with her dog in. After approximately 3 months of work, Maddie has turned around into a different dog. Everything her owners and her struggled with in the beginning, are now resolved. Now Maddie is 10 years old and is a sweet sweet dog that I regularly watch for her owners when they travel. Maddie loves to come back and enjoy the stability of my pack, and get loved on like a regular dog! She is definitely much less stressed and enjoys relaxing as her owners handle being the pack leaders instead of her!

Maddie is much better with people. She is so much calmer and will even approach people without being coached to be petted. She is much better on the leash as far as aggressiveness towards other dogs. Now we can pass dogs while we are walking. I would say that Maddie is a completely different dog than she was last year at this time. It really is an amazing transformation. I like to think she is happier. I know she is less stressed. I just don't think it would have happened without you Maris. Maddie is different dog and I am a different dog owner. All the training I got is really helping with Seymour, who isn't aggressive or dangerous, but can be quite stubborn as I said before. I can never thank you enough for all your help. I will continue to recommend you highly whenever I have an opportunity.