Day Training is a program that provides a consistent schedule for your dog to learn his obedience, tricks, or behavioral modification with a professioal trainer. Each dog that comes to For The Dogs Training receives their own custom training plan. Some families are looking for obedience training, some are looking for house manners, and some need help with more severe behaviors. 

Day training is an alternative to a Board and Train program. You get the benefit of your dog working closely with a trainer for extended periods of time, but you also get your dog home each evening. Your dog is away during normal work hours, when you are away from home anways! What a great time for your dog to spend learning things and getting exercise! 

Enrollment has limited space, but is open to most dogs. An evaluation is required before a dog is accepted into the Day Training program. 

How Does It Work?

When you express interest in a Day Training program, we will discuss what your goals are for your dog to accomplish in Day Training. We will set up an evaluation in your home where your dog is most comfortable, and I can see some of the things you need help with, in person. Aggressive dog evaluations are an increased evaluation rate. 

Your dog will come to my home and work multiple times daily per week, with me on training. Your dog will get worked multiple times per day, as well as exercise, and some socialization with other dogs if appropriate. Pick up and Drop off is available at request.

After your Day Training 2 week or 4 week program it is important we follow up with a private lesson in your home, to go over everything your dog worked on in Day Training. Your dogs success also relies on practicing things with them often. So practicing correctly is important! This is included in the cost of our program as well.

Dog must meet these requirements:

  • Up to date on all vaccinations
  • Fecal test showing no internal parasites (lab test only)
  • Friendly to dogs or only mildly reactive
  • Able to settle down in a kennel during break times. 

3 Days/Week

$1,400 / 4 Weeks

Includes consultation, transportation and private follow-up lesson