A healthy diet promotes good skin health, which means less reactions to allergies, fuller and shinier coat, clean eyes without eye boogers, clean teeth, less odor, smaller stools, and good body condition promoting longevity.

Without a healthy diet, dogs are more likely to have health issues, which can lead to behavior issues, and weakened immune system, and a body doomed to an early death.

Feeding an appropriate amount of food is just as important as balancing the diet. Whether you feed an age appropriate dry kibble, or a balanced raw diet, neither one is beneficial when done inappropriately.

About Raw Feeding

-Raw Meat Diet

I feed my dogs a species appropriate diet called the Raw Prey model diet. I completely support and am willing to give any advice to anyone needing it when looking into feeding this diet. I believe it is the healthiest way to feed your dog because it is not processed and doesn't have any weird & unnecessary ingredients like most dog foods. This is the most natural, healthy, and stimulating diet for your dogs.

The rule of thumb for the prey model diet is 10% bone / 10% organ / 80% meat.
Your dog should eat approximately 2-3% of it's body weight a day.

Bone firms the feces up while rich meat and organ can soften it. Keep this in mind when working out a diet for your dog. Each dog is different and some need more or less than the usual 2-3% and some need more bone or organ meat. Be sure to watch your dog to ensure the proper proportions for an accurate weight, energy level, and waste disposal.

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To learn more about the benefits of the raw meat diet please check out the FAQ

Kibble Diets

-When Feeding A Kibble Diet


Many grain free foods (for instance, EVO) have calcium and phosphorus levels that are too high for growing giant pups. Feeding those foods can harm your puppy. So the general rule is steer clear of those foods until your dog's growth plates have closed (usually around 2 years of age).

Calcium to phosphorous ratios should be 1.2-1.4:1 and max calcium for giant breed pups under a year of age should be no more than 1.4 to 1.6%.


Orijen's focus is providing biologically appropriate foods that provide dogs and cats the opportunity to achieve their full potential. ‘Biologically Appropriate’ means mirroring the foods that Mother Nature evolved the animal to eat – in other words, matching the digestive anatomy of the target animal.

Our foods start with fresh, never-frozen, local meats such as free-run chicken, turkey or duck, wild caught freshwater and saltwater fish, whole eggs, and free-range wild boar, lamb or bison, to name a few. To preserve their natural goodness and taste, we steam-cook our fresh ingredients at low-temperature (90C/195F) in small batches, usually on the same the day they arrive.


#1 Recommended

Acana is made by the same company as Orijen, Champion Pet Foods. Champion Pet Foods does not use commodity ingredients without knowing the source. They focus on ingredients raised or fished within their region by people they know and trust, and deliver fresh to them. They are truly dedicated to quality pet food and I can appreciate their loyalty and devotion to their products.

This is my ultimate favorite kibble diet to feed to a dog. Especially a growing puppy. I raised my most recent puppy from day one with a rotational Acana diet. Coat condition, development, stool, eye clearness, ear build up etc. are all important factors that I take in when considering a diet. I feel that Acana raised my puppy to his full potential while maintaining the best of everything he could offer.


I understand that in some situations with time, or space, that raw feeding can be a little harder to do. Although Feeding Raw can either be slightly cheaper, slightly more expensive, or the exact price of feeding kibble some people don't have the refrigerator space, or the time to prepare the food. I believe Natura Pet is doing a good job in creating a natural food for our dogs. I especially like their EVO brand. An alternative to Raw Feeding. EVO is formulated to allow for up to 20% raw meat added to the diet.

-The Honest Kitchen

Honest Kitchen's food bridges the gap between raw, homemade and commercial, ‘kibbled’ pet foods. With fresh, raw ingredients and gently dehydrated so that almost all the valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain. Dehydration makes food completely safe even for pups, and senior pets with compromised immune systems.

This healthy, dehydrated pet food let you create fresh, natural meals for your pet in the comfort of your home. Simply add warm water and serve - No cooking or freezers required!

The recipes are made with 100% organic grains, plus hormone/ antibiotic-free meats and non-GMO produce. All ingredients are guaranteed 100% Human Food Grade.

-Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is a fantastic grain free diet. Most of the contributors to dog allergies are fillers in dog foods like grains. This diet is affordable and very healthy for dogs and I highly recommend it.

-Eagle Pack

With Eagle Pack's large selection of formulas you will have no problem finding a kibble diet that you can feed an allergy dog. Which is very important to me since I have an allergy dog and find it nearly impossible to find a diet for her.

Eagle Pack Pet Foods pioneered holistic nutrition in the 1980’s, by engineering a way to make a meat meal based food, removing soy from the formulas and meat meals to replace corn as the first ingredient. Our Chicken Meal for example has no added hormones and is antibiotic free. Grains are herbicide free. We were the first to add nutritional supplements.

Tasty Treats


In thin layers inside of the kong: Peanut butter at the bottom small hole, Cottage cheese, Vanilla icecream, Plain yogurt, peanut butter to cover the top. Freeze before serving.

-Tricky Treat ball

Purchase a tricky treat ball from a local pet store, insert kibble, and serve! This allows the dog to exercise their mind, body, and their stomach to earn their meal. The toy has tricky fake holes, and one real hole. The dog will roll it around with it's nose and eat small amounts of kibble at a time. Great for rainy days!

-RAW Ground beef

If your dog really struggles with food motivation, try raw ground beef. It is completely safe for your dog (you may want to wear gloves). I have found that even the pickiest of dogs haven't turned down some ground beef. If not try rolling it in small meat balls, sprinkling some garlic on it, and frying them. Usually those are good enough to motivate even the pickiest eaters.