True leadership is being an example, setting expectations (with rules, boundaries and limitations), and minimizing opportunities for conflict.

We often read articles, watch shows, read books and everything talks about being the pack leader of your dog. Sometimes they never go into full explanation on how to tell if you really are the pack leader. So here is a short questionnaire to see if you are the pack leader.

Being the pack leader requires fulfilling the dog in all of their lives. A pack leader keeps a consistent schedule and asks the dog to work for everything.

If you answered yes to any of these questions and if you answered yes to more than one then you are probably not in charge of your house hold. It is Never too late to change things around. The best thing about dogs is they are always willing to take leadership and go back to balance. That is why its so much easier to rehabilitate them.

Dogs are always willing to take leadership, in fact they prefer it. When a dog gives up leadership to another dog or a human, you can see a whole level of tension off their shoulders and they can finally relax. A calm submissive dog is a well balanced and happy dog.